DEADHORSE sticker, for the adventure traveler who wants to show Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, also known as Deadhorse, Alaska on their vehicle, motorcycle helmet, shipping packages or as gifts for friends who know Prudhoe Bay, Alaska is the "Earth's Edge." 4" x 4" plastic (not paper). $2.95 includes shipping and handling (US Postal). For MasterCard or Visa orders call 303-733-8625 with requested information (name, numbers, expire date, mailing address). We accept Paypal at Remember to include your US Postal mailing address, number of stickers ordered and telephone number and e-mail in case we need to contact you.


DEADHORSE sticker, for the motorcycle adventure rider who wants bragging rights for having tagged the Earth's Edge, Deadhorse, Alaska, also known as Prudhoe Bay. Ideal for saddlebags, windscreens or gifts for friends. 4" x 4" plastic sticker (not paper). $2.95 each, includes shipping and handling. We take Paypal at or place your order at 303-733-8625 with a MasterCard or Visa 24/7. Make sure you include the number you are ordering as well as your name, mailing address (US Postal) and e-mail or telephone number if using a credit card.

Free AMA RIDE GUIDE ALASKA with book ($19.95) and DVD ($24.95) order, plus shipping and handling

This is a Special Edition of the well known AMA motorcycling ride guides, the RIDE GUIDE ALASKA. It can be ordered separately for $10.00, plus shipping and handling of $5.00, but when ordering the ALASKA BY MOTORCYCLE book with the MOTORCYCLING TO ALASKA DVD, if you ask for the AMA RIDE GUIDE ALASKA DVD you receive it free. Produced by L&M Map and Video Productions, it is approximately 75 minutes in length and gives the motorcyclist a "taste" of riding in Alaska after they get to America's Last Frontier.


The Alaska adventure film offers aspiring Alaska riders expert advice on traveling to Alaska by motorcycle. Depart on the video adventure of a lifetime. This DVD, from Globe Rider Productions, has been designed for the adventure motorcyclist planning a ride to or in America's Last Frontier.
Sections on which motorcycle is best to take, rider and motorcycle preparation, hotels versus camping, when is the best time to go, what to take, riding the ferry or riding the road, shipping, crossing borders and tips about bears are included.
This DVD is to assist the avid motorcyclist seeking adventure in Alaska and the far ride north. A special section is included for the true adventurer: Riding the Haul Road to Prudhoe Bay (also known as Deadhorse). The MOTORCYCLING TO ALASKA DVD has been called "...the ultimate resource for experienced and novice riders alike." It is $24.95 plus $5.00 S/H in the USA. Over one hour in length.

Alaska By Motorcycle - The book ($19.95) plus shipping and handling

Described as the "Alaska motorcycle adventure handbook," this publication has served 1,000's of motorcyclists plan or achieve their goal of a lifetime, a motorcycle ride to Alaska. It costs $19.95 plus $5.00 S/H. Some riders choose to carry it with them on their adventure to Alaska.
Filled with numerous "tips and tricks" based on over 20 years of riding to and in Alaska, it also has several published articles from motorcycle magazines about rides to out-of-the-way places in Alaska.
Written by the acknowledged expert on "motorcycling to Alaska," this book, ALASKA BY MOTORCYCLE, can save the motorcyclist from making expensive mistakes.
When ordered with the MOTORCYCLING TO ALASKA DVD and requested, the buyer receives free the American Motorcyclist Association's ALASKA RIDE GUIDE DVD, but only from the Whole Earth Motorcycle Center 24/7 at 303-733-8625 from outside the USA. E-mail inquiries are received at